Founded in 1780, Higson’s is the cornerstone of Liverpool’s brewing heritage.

It has been brewed at several locations across the city and enjoyed by generations of beer drinkers.

We make Higson’s Amber Ale, Higson’s Pale and plan for some specials close to where this historic name was first brewed. 

The Beers

Higson’s stays true to its traditional roots by offering both an Amber and Pale Ale. The beer is brewed in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle

Higson's Amber Ale 4.1% ABV

A deep caramel coloured ale with a delicate nose of blackcurrants and floral notes, thanks to the use of Bramling Cross and Bobek hops.

On the palate, this beer is smooth with a strong malt backdrop that is complemented with the use of Cascade, Fuggles and Bramling Cross providing flavours of summer fruits, spice, caramel and citrus.

Higson's Pale 3.8% ABV

A golden pale with with a balance of floral and tropical fruit notes on the nose.

The East Kent Goldings hops give flavours of floral honey and spice on the palate are balanced with Jester hops to give a fruity yet herbal flavour. A classic British Pale Ale.


We are excited to announce the following beers will be available in 2019

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Brewery and Tour

Explore the fascinating story and heritage of Liverpool’s historic Higson’s with our brewery tour.

Discover how we make the famous Higson’s beers, just a stone’s throw from where it was once brewed.

Hear how a brewery founded in 1780 became one of the most significant names in brewing heritage, see the story of a famous brand and try it for yourself.

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