Have you ever wondered why our current range of beers is called the Dazzle range? Or why they are designed in the way they are?

Inspiration behind the designs

We explored what elements of Merseyside, with its rich creative history, we should draw upon for inspiration.

Nothing represented our vision better than Liverpool’s famous Mersey Ferry, dressed and renamed ‘Razzle Dazzle’. It was designed by pop artist Sir Peter Blake, for the Liverpool Biennial 2015. We Love the way the ferry lights up the Mersey, with the Liver buildings standing proudly behind.

Sir Peter Blake also created the iconic Beatles album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – another symbol of Liverpool’s creativity.

Razzle Dazzle Liverpool

The Baltic Triangle influence

So, in the true spirit of Liverpool, last year, we launched our very own Dazzle. Our Dazzle draws inspiration from our location and our passion for beer. We believe our Dazzle range showcases our pride in our city’s heritage, and giving Liverpool what it truly deserves: Boss Beer!

Each can is wrapped in a colourful street map of the City in true Dazzle style. With each new beer comes a new variation of colour, adding to the series.

Watch our video about Dazzle design creation below.

Dazzle Beers

Our most recent Dazzle, the Baltic Double Haze launched at the start of the year and is available online. If you want to try them all, we have a fantastic #Tryanuary deal which includes a selection of beers from the Dazzle range.

Love Lane Tryanuary Dazzle Dozen – 12 x 440ml Cans