With a lot more time on our hands during lockdown, we thought it was fitting to bring you another Love Lane beer recipe from the wonderful Masterchef finalist, Christian Day.


To begin you will need to pour out half of the can of Love Lane Lager (we recommend drinking this half for added enjoyment). You will then need to soften your butter and keep this to one side. Using a pestle and mortar, grind up the coriander and fennel seeds (you can buy these pre-ground) and add them to the butter. Then you will need to add the curry powder, smoked paprika and brown sugar to the mix. You can add salt and pepper at this stage too – Christian has used a smoked salt for added flavour.

Now onto the lemon and lime. Firstly grate the zest of both the lemon and lime into the butter. You can then chop them in half and squeeze the juice of both into the can of Love Lane. Don’t throw the halves away as you will use these later!

Beer can chicken recipe

Chicken Preparation

It’s time to prep the chicken. Christian recommends removing the wishbone at this stage to make it easier when you carve the chicken late. To do this you need to put your hand into the top of the chicken and work the bone out. (If you are unsure, he shows you how to do it in the video). Next you will need to gently pull the skin away from the meat using your fingers. This will give you a nice pocket to add the herby butter for extra flavour. Finally, you will need to put a couple of slashes into each of the thighs to ensure they cook as quickly as the rest of the chicken.

Bring back your butter and ensure all of flavours are mixed together. Using about half of the mix, you will carefully insert this between the skin and the meat – it is best to use your hands again for this bit. You will then use the rest of the butter to smear all over the chicken. Once your chicken is fully coated, put the half cut lemon and lime inside the chicken with some fresh rosemary or thyme.

Beer can chicken recipe

Christian cooks his chicken in a BBQ grill but you can do this in an oven too. You will need to place your beer can onto a baking tray and place your chicken on top of the can. Put this in the oven to roast for an hour on 180 degrees. Check on your chicken after 30 minutes and scoop any melted butter back on top of the chicken to really enhance the flavour. After one hour your Love Lane beer can chicken should be ready and oozing with flavour.

Beer can chicken recipe


Half a can of Love Lane Lager

A whole chicken

150g butter

Fennel & coriander seeds

Chilli powder (1 tsp )

Smoked paprika (1 tbls)

Brown sugar (1 tbls)

Salt & pepper to taste

Lemon & Lime (juice & zest)

Fresh rosemary or thyme.

Cooking time – 1hour at 180 degrees