It’s time to meet another member of the team and this week we’re chatting to Paul our Brewer.

Again, it wouldn’t be a q&a with a brewer without asking the penultimate question…

Do you have a favourite beer?

There’s no one particular beer that I could say was my favourite. I love anything from a crisp floral pilsner to a big, thick, sweet, strong stout. And if it’s spent time in a whiskey barrel, I’ll probably like it more! 

We want people to know the man behind the beer, so tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m into music and visual art. I sculpt, paint and do digital design also – and when it’s not lockdown – I do some DJing. I live in Aigburth with my wife Hayley, two friends, two cats and no kids – yet. I miss the pub! 

Where did you work prior to Love Lane?

Before Love Lane I spent 10 years brewing at Liverpool Organic Brewery and a brief stint at Gibberish brewery and taproom in between.

What do you enjoy most about Love Lane?

One thing I really love is seeing the taproom start to fill up on a Friday and being able to join in after we clock off and have a delicious beer in a nice space. Usually people can’t wait to leave work on a Friday. I often leave reluctantly!

What has been the best brewing project you have worked on at LL?

I think our Glenfarclas whiskey experience was pretty interesting. Their head distiller Callum Fraser came and distilled a special gin with our distiller John O’Dowd, which then went into a Glenfarclas whiskey cask for ageing. At the same time Jack and I brewed a big imperial stout to go into a second cask. So we’ll be enjoying some beautiful barrel aged gin and barrel aged stout when they’re both ready. I’m really looking forward to this!   

What do you think has been the most well received beer you guys have done and why?

I reckon our Baltic Haze range has had the best feedback so far. It’s great when you hear people you don’t know talking about the beer you make and saying nice things. I think as things get back to normal after lock down, there’s going to be more opportunity to push our limits and create more exciting beer (and gin). So I guess the best times are ahead of us!