We would like to introduce you to our gin master, John.

We want people to know the man behind the gin, so tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Liverpool and had the good fortune to watch Liverpool football club from an early age. I was a frequent at the Cavern and enjoyed all those bands that made the place famous. 

I’d been worked in the printing industry in the UK and abroad, and in 1999 my wife and I moved back to Liverpool. This set off a series of events that were totally unpredicted and took me in an unexpected direction.

I didn’t really know what I was going to in Liverpool. To fill the time in I did a course at Liverpool University on the Life and times of Bob Dylan. This random decision caused me to buy two pubs and meet a guy called Steve Crawley (Love Lane’s Founder).

How did you get into gin and gin making?

The Bob Dylan group were a sociable lot. Whilst having a drink with them in the Lion Tavern I discovered that it was for sale and bought it. That is how I met Steve who worked for Caledonian Brewery at the time.

Following this, I bought another pub called the Belvedere. and in 2012 I organised a Bourbon tasting. The guy who was leading the tasting started talking about the seven micro distilleries that had recently opened in the USA. I thought it was a cool idea and this is how Liverpool Gin came about.

Liverpool Gin was sold on, and I became involved in the Love Lane/ Ginsmiths of Liverpool project.  

What is your favourite botanical to use in distilling?  (we had to ask)

Wow, that is a tough one because there are so many. Juniper apart, I do like to use rose petals as they are so aromatic and also have a wonderful flavour. They always seem a bit luxurious and decadent and we all need a bit of that in our lives.

What do you think sets The Ginsmiths of Liverpool apart from other gins?

Curiosity! We like to work with the mixologists in our bar to create the classic cocktails but new and flavoursome ones too.

The City of Liverpool has a great place in the history of gin and our commitment to quality will help us to build on that story. The Dry, Marshmallow and Merchant Navy gins are now established expressions but we can’t stand still.

Have you got anything exciting in the pipeline for 2021?

Recently, at the Love Lane Distillery we have been developing new recipes and finessing them both with the cocktail experts and through public tastings, when we can. The initial three gins will be extended this year with new and innovative additions to the range  

Liverpool gin

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