How the series started

Last year were chosen by SIBA to create a beer that represented the modern era of brewing.

2020 marks 40 years of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) representing and championing independent beer in the UK. To celebrate the 40th anniversary which was due to be held in Liverpool, we were asked to produce a beer that represented a certain decade of brewing. We were one of five breweries who were chosen, the era we were selected to represent was modern brewing, so naturally we chose a New England IPA.

Baltic Haze

The original Baltic Haze set the bar pretty high. We chose a really fruity yeast and a mix of hops to produce some really great flavours and esters. The yeast was a house blend from our friends at Polly’s Brew Co. We tied this together with Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra hops which are some of our favourites to use in brewing. It was packed full of oats and wheat to create this rich, sweet and juicy NEIPA with tones of fruit flavours such as mango, orange and peach.

Due to its popularity, the Baltic Haze series was born…

Baltic Haze V2

To create Baltic Haze V2 we experimented with different hops and yeast to create new flavours. This one was created with Conan Ale yeast which is commonly known from the Alchemist Brewery and also for NEIPAS. To develop the flavour, we used Idaho 7 hops which adds a pineapple element to the beer. Combine this with notes of grapefruit from the yeast and it produced a really easy drinking, fruity beer.

Baltic Haze V3

For Baltic Haze V3, the fundamentals were the same but we introduced new flavours again. This was created using our brewers favourite hop combination, Citra and Galaxy hops. Galaxy is a pretty difficult hop to come by, so we were very excited when we got our hands on this one. This added a new element to the beer, refreshing passionfruit which was complimented by the Verdant Ale yeast. The end product was really really hazy beer, with an explosion of passionfruit and mango. 

Baltic Double Haze

The final brew in the series is the Baltic Double Haze. A double IPA that really packs a punch. A hybrid of the last three beers, we used a combination of the previous hops, Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Idaho 7. This one is really full bodied with a juicy pineapple and grapefruit flavour, really hazy, and again, has those lovely fruit flavours that make it really drinkable.

The full range was extremely well received by our fanbase and those trying our range for the first time. You can try two of the four beers from the series as part of one of our mixed boxes of Love Lane beer which is currently on offer until Sunday.

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