Our brewery and distillery tours will be kicking off again in a couple of months. This is a great chance for you to view the brewery and taste some of our products. We talk to our tour guide Mikey about what to expect on one of our tours and what he loves about them.

We want people to know a little about the team so tell us a little bit about yourself?

In a nutshell, my name is Mikey and, growing up in Liverpool, I’ve always wanted to see the city thrive. Working in one of the biggest breweries in the city and delivering tours to help boost the profile of Love Lane was something I knew I’d love doing. I’m also a musician the rest of the time, playing with Ukebox mostly and enjoying the opportunities it’s brought about!

Is running tours something that is in your nature?

I’ve always been good at talking to groups from my time onstage, making audiences laugh (hopefully) and putting them at ease, so tours was something new when I began around 3 years ago but I knew I could bring something good to the table and obviously my love for beer and gin was just a plus that I could talk about something I’m passionate about too. 

What can people expect when they join you on a brewery tour?

Love Lane offers a direct look at the workings of a brewery and distillery, which you may not find on larger scale tours. We ensure the freshest samples for you along the way as you discover the journey that these masterfully created drinks take, and how and where we tweak the flavours that shape it all. Finally, you’ll be guided through the tasting part of the tour where you’ll have a peak at how to be beer/gin connoisseurs for the afternoon. 

What do you enjoy most about running the brewery tours?

Every tour is different of course, but the best part is seeing the recognition of all the flavours that we’ve discovered as you take your first sip and see our drinks under a new light.

Why did you come to work at Love Lane?

It’s brilliant to work for an independent company here in Liverpool who always strive to raise the bar. Plenty of things in the pipeline for the future for our masterclasses too so make sure to keep an eye out!


You can buy a voucher for a brewery or distillery tour here or you can book directly starting from the the end of May here.

If you are looking for a fantastic band to play at your wedding or event then check out Ukebox. They have played for lots of wedding and events at Love Lane and had amazing feedback from their guests.