We would like to formally introduce you to our Technical Brewer, Jack. You have probably seen his face countless times in our brewing videos and across our social media channels. Jack plays a key role in formulating and producing the beer for Love Lane. Now it’s time for you to meet the man behind the beer.

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It wouldn’t be a Q&A with a brewer without asking the penultimate question…

What is your favourite beer?

Ha! This is just the hardest question! I genuinely love a whole range of beers, and always try different things. These days i’m satisfied by a good German lager (Augustiner Hell is a good starting point) or something mixed fermentation and funky (Jester King are probably my favourite brewery and they’re kings of the style)

We want people to know the man behind the beer, so tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a proud (read: loud) Yorkshireman, enjoy a good bit of cycling on my days off, and I am never too far away from making my next batch of sourdough bread.

Why did you come to work at Love Lane?

Love Lane is an impressive space with a lot of potential. The first time I walked in the door, I was immediately reminded of the best US taprooms. I am thrilled to be on board over these next few years of growth and focus on quality and variety of products, we have a bright future ahead. I would also add that Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, and to live and work here has been a joy.

What do you enjoy most about Love Lane?

Is it cliche to say the staff? Moving to a new city and starting a life has been made a lot easier by working with a great set of people, especially during these hard times for the industry.

Is there a beer/brewer that really stands out for you that has influenced your brewing?

I learnt to brew from Phil Saltonstall at Brass Castle Brewery, and all those moons ago he was fundamental in bringing punchy American style IPAs, stouts and more into the British cask market. Add to that his ethos for natural, additive free, vegan friendly but top quality beer and I can certainly say I learnt from a great tutor. 

I have been known to be a bit obsessed with intense and rich Imperial Stouts, and you can thank a trip to Three Floyds in Illinois for that. Their Dark Lord Imperial Stout will always be a favourite.

How do you formulate recipes and design beers? 

Meticulous planning! I love to read the latest papers on brewing science, keep up to date with industry magazines from the US and UK and read brewing blogs online. I will typically design beers using a programme called Beersmith, a great purchase for any homebrewers out there, and tweak and tinker with recipes there. Ultimately though, experience over years of designing recipes and working on commercial kits is what gives the confidence to tackle different styles confidently.

What do you think sets Love Lane beers apart from other breweries?

We have a great quality control lab in house that allows us to track and measure a whole host of variables in beer, from colour, to pH, to turbidity and more. We have been working hard at producing beer to the highest quality, consistently and I believe that is showing in the products we are putting out.

What exciting/innovative brews have you got in the pipeline for 2021?

So many! For a start, we have some very, very special beer ageing in barrels. Secondly, we have a host of collaborations planned in the coming months, with some particularly mad beers planned. Finally, the Baltic Haze range of NEIPAs has proven to be super popular, and I hope to keep producing a range of IPAs to fill everyone’s needs.

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