Our ‘meet the team’ blogs are great way for you to get to get to know the people behind the brand. Every member of the team plays a really important role which is why we would like you to get to know them all.

So first, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I love jazz music, reading and gardening. I’m just a boring old fart trapped in a younger man’s body. I previously worked in Black Lodge Brewery (just down the road), and a few years back in Liverpool Organic Brewery – where I first met one of our brewers, Paul Burns.

Why did you choose to come and work at Love Lane?

The company is obviously moving in the right direction. Being a part of something that is growing and has massive brand recognition and respect in Liverpool and the North West is exciting. I’m only a small part of this but it feels great seeing people in my local drinking Love Lane Pale and thinking ‘yeah..I had something to do with that beer coming out of that tap’.

What is an average day like in ‘the office’?

Once I get in I print out the daily orders from our online shop, then get to work on fulfilling them. We are always in and out, taking delivery of hops, malt, anything the brewery need usually comes here first. There’s always a lot of stuff to do in the warehouse, keeping it in good order is a full time job in itself. In ‘normal’ times we’d be preparing deliveries to trade accounts, taking malt and ingredients to the brewery, and dropping off empty kegs and picking up full ones. I can’t wait to get back to that!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I like how varied my role is. From home deliveries, stock taking, bigger logistics jobs, fulfilling online shop orders to taking important stuff to and from the brewery. Working with so many great people and being involved at a lot of levels is really rewarding for me. I feel trusted and valued by the people I work with, which is really nice. More than that, I get on really well with everyone who works in the company, that’s a rare thing.

2020 was a strange one for many industries. What has been the most memorable time at Love Lane in the past 12 months?

Getting to know some of our regular online shop customers while doing the home deliveries was great. We had customers who ordered every single week and I got to know them personally, not just as ‘customers’. Having a chat and just speaking to someone outside my household was a much needed bit of normality in an absolutely crazy time. Seeing the roads completely devoid of cars was surreal, a completely out of the ordinary year.