Growing up in Liverpool, Ben spent the majority of his 20’s in Berlin gaining insight into the different pub and bar scenes. Joining us at Love Lane he’s brought his love of European beers and travel savvy know-how back to Liverpool.

Have you found that Liverpool has changed much since you’ve been away?

Considering the Baltic Triangle wasn’t here beforehand yes very much so! The amount of gentrification and students that are here now, along with all the different parts of town like L1 and the Cains Brewery Area, I’ve loved the improvement as a whole really.

Which pubs or breweries have helped you progress along the way?

Starting out at Marston’s growing up with them, it was my first beer intro chiefly with cask where I realised that there was an art behind the complexity of beer. On moving to Berlin Mikkeller was my craft beer and modern beer realisation and I used a lot of my experiences of those when at the Castle Pubs in the centre of Berlin.

We hear you’re a keen brewer yourself, what kind of styles do you prefer?

So for me the simple beers done well, there’s nothing better than a well brewed Pilsner.

Looking ahead to the future of Love Lane, how do you see the brewery developing and growing?

The future of Love Lane I hope would be an integral part of the North West brewing scene and of Liverpool’s image. 

And finally, favourite Love Lane pint?

It has to be the Baltic Berliner Weisse!