We would like to introduce you to the man behind the meals – Head Chef Ali. Ali moved to London 2008 where he worked as head chef and sous chef in numerous large scale restaurants before landing himself a role in a Michelin Star restaurant. From here he began working as a training chef, opening up new kitchens across London before moving up to Liverpool.

Why did you come to work at Love Lane?

I chose Love Lane because it was a new company and I could see plenty of potential. I wanted to work somewhere where I could be a part of it growing and expanding.

What do you enjoy most about Love Lane?

I love the team and everyone here – the people make the place. There is a really good network of people who are really passionate about the product they make. This is inspiring and something I wanted to replicate in the kitchen.

How do you use your past experience in this kitchen?

A lot of the ingredients I use come from recipes I have used in other restaurants and my home cooking. Hence the little extras like the fattoush salad before the roast, that’s my personal touch.

What is your favourite thing to cook at Love Lane?

Of course it has to be the special Sunday roast lamb. Making a Sunday roast and knowing people are enjoying it is really rewarding.

What makes your 7-hour lamb the Love Lane special?

Lamb has heritage in Liverpool. It became popular due to its use in the cities favourite dish, Scouse. I wanted to relate with that, a hearty, family meal that can be shared and enjoyed together.


We hope that post lockdown we will be able to serve our lamb special each week – something nice to look forward to. We can’t wait to reopen and have Ali back in the kitchen serving our Love Lane favourite.