For those who’ve never seen this spectacle, it is a true eye-opener taking incredible physical and mental effort and a lot of meticulous planning to judge the tide and the busy Mersey shipping lane!

On Sunday 19th September, 157 swimmers set off from Liverpool to swim across the River Mersey and land at Monks Ferry in Birkenhead. The crossing is a long-established tradition and despite the Mersey being an extremely challenging swim boasting the second highest tidal range in the UK (10 metres), the event has grown in popularity in recent years.

The event is only made possible by the hard work and efforts the organisers, volunteers and the support crews on land and in the water. Love Lane are really very proud to have provided official ‘Love Lane Across Mersey Swim’ T-shirts and a refreshing post swim can of Love Lane Pale Ale for every swimmer. We also hosted the inaugural Love Lane post Across Mersey Swim party.

Stephen Crawley, Founder of Love Lane who presented the beers and T-shirts said:

“This is a special community event that raises funds for a variety of charities and great causes across the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

It was fantastic to see hundreds of people on both sides of the Mersey supporting the swimmers. I was struck by the swimmer’s sense of achievement and the camaraderie was amazing.

As I said on the day, it’s not every day you can say with 100% confidence to everyone, that this can of beer 100% will taste better than anything you have consumed in the last hour!

We loved introducing Love Lane Pale Ale to lots of new people and were thankful of the appreciation from everyone involved.

We cannot wait to get involved again in 2022!.”