To support #movember we are selling cases of ‘Hop Box’ NEIPA & DDH for just £29 and we will donate £3.00 per case sold to Movember ❣️ Target £1k.



Two members of the Love Lane family are fundraising again for #movember and along with them, we absolutely support its aims to raise awareness of men’s mental health issues.

Between them they hope to take their total raised over the last 3 years to over £100k ❣️

Jamie Crawley, who ran our Love Lane Lockdown 1 online shop, has recently had his 13 for 30 plans to run 13km daily in Nov. at Loughborough Uni hijacked by a serious bout of Covid. He is now thankfully on the mend, but limited walking by the medical team. Jamie is also the Movember ambassador at Loughborough Uni. He has committed to run his 13km for 30 days as soon as he is able.

You can donate to Jamie’s Movember here.

His brother Fergus, who worked with us in sales, starts the Vertical Marathon at midnight tonight ❣️

PROJECT VERTICAL is climbing Ben Nevis 32 times in 11 days – to achieve a marathon in elevation gain (42,200m).

See video here.

You can donate to Fergus’s Movember here.




“For Movember this year, I was planning on running 13km (just over 8 miles) every day of November to represent the 13 men who took their life every day in 2019. Unfortunately, due to a positive Covid test and experiencing many of the symptoms very badly, I have had to postpone the running until I am fully recovered and fit to do so based off the current medical advice at Loughborough University. I am raising funds and awareness for Movember, a charity very close to my heart, to help stop men dying too young! With times being very tough at the moment and lots of people’s mental health being impacted, this year is more important than ever to raise awareness on such an important issue”


On the 1/11/2020⁣⁣⁣ Fergus will climb Ben Nevis 32 times finishing on 11/11/2020 to honour Remembrance Day.⁣
42,200m elevation gain / 540km.⁣⁣⁣
“Monotony. Dread. Loneliness. Pain. Darkness. Doubt. Fear. Fight. Shame. ⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣Everything that this project represents, and sadly, what thousands of men suffer from in silence every single day. ⁣⁣⁣
This doesn’t have to be the case. ⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣We all have our own uphill battles to face, but there is no reason for us to fight them alone. This is why I’m not tackling this year alone, as my coach and friend, Jonathan Pain is joining me, so that we can fight through this together, in the knowledge that we are stronger together.⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣We will be open, we will be honest, and we will be vulnerable for the sake of our own progress – as we all should be.⁣⁣⁣
⁣⁣⁣This year, more than ever, we need to take a stand against stigma, a stance against shame, and galvanise a genuine, positive change for the sake of men everywhere. ⁣⁣”


In order to push the donations over the first hurdle of £1000 Jamie announced on social media that he would die his Movember moustache purple once he reached the first milestone. Here is the result…

Movember, beer, liverpool Movember, beer, liverpool


Fergus is now on day 6 of Project Vertical. So far Fergus and Jonathan have walked a total of 126 miles and 16,224m of elevation. On day 5 they were joined by 26 supporters from one of their sponsors – Elliot Brown Watches. The team at EBWatches completed a hike to the summit of Ben Nevis to support Project Vertical.

“We had the support of 26 ambassadors remotely today, as well as great company on the mountain itself – which is beyond amazing and I can’t thank you all enough!”

Project vertical, movember. Project vertical, movember.


We are half way through #movember and both Jamie and Fegus are well on their way to achieving their targets but we still need your help. If they both reach their targets that will take their total from the last three years to £100,000. The money they raise goes directly into funding groundbreaking research and projects to help improve the face of mens health. By 2030 Movember aims to reduce the amount of premature deaths by 25%.

Due to contracting Covid and being unable to start, Jamie’s partner offered to step in and complete his 13FOR30 challenge through November before Jamie completes it at a later date. Let’s help Jamie and Charlotte reach their target! Donate here.


“I will be alternating between walking and biking 13km every day of November to represent the 13 men who take their lives each day, a total of 390km in November. This will be one of my own greatest challenges (I am no where near as physically fit or athletic as Jamie) but I am dedicated to demonstrate the challenges many men are dealing with each day.”

Movermber, craft beer, Liverpool


Fergus and Jonathan finished Project Vertical challenge a few days ago. In total they walked over 205 miles, and around 26,500m (16.5 miles/86,950ft) of elevation – that’s 3x the height of Everest! This is the first vertical marathon and we are unbelievably proud to say the least. They are 2/3 of the way to reaching their target of £47,132, and there is still time to donate. If you want to support them you can donate here.

“Yesterday marked the end of Project Vertical, the most challenging yet profound experience I have ever had. The physical journey has come to an end, but a journey of continuous and valuable reflection now begins. ⁣

It wasn’t about numbers or goals, it wasn’t about breaking ourselves in the pursuit of endurance accolades, it wasn’t about ego, it wasn’t about us. ⁣

It was about everyone, and the mountains that we all face, each and every day. ⁣

It was about honesty, openness, and working within what we could control.⁣

It was about teamwork, support, and looking out for one another.⁣

It was about starting conversations, listening, and sharing experiences.⁣

It was about the outdoors, the power of nature, and the power of reflection.⁣

It was about brotherhood, about love, about compassion and about asking for help.⁣

It was about taking the first step, and then showing up with everything we had for every step to follow.⁣

I am proud of us, I am proud of our support team, but most importantly I am proud of everyone that has been invested in the project. The interaction and support that we have received has been mind blowing, and that serves to show, in my mind, three simple things:⁣

1) you are never alone.⁣
2) we have the power to change.⁣
3) we can all face our own mountains, so let’s do it together.”

Movember, craft beer, Liverpool


“Thank you so much for everyone’s contribution and support so far. I have already raised £2,372 and there is still plenty of time left until the end of Movember.

I am now at the end of my return to play protocol meaning I can get back to normal training. Rather than doing the 13FOR30, I am now going to do 30FOR13 so I can finish it before donations close. So, starting from tomorrow, I will be covering 30km everyday for 13 days while still at university. It will be a gruelling 13 days, especially after 7 weeks of minimal training, but nothing compares to the pain and suffering that the 13 men who take their own life daily go through each day. I am hoping that by putting myself through this pain, it will encourage more men to speak out and to listen to each other and remember that no man is an island!

Any more support that you can show would be massively appreciated and will help get me through the next 13 days.”