Do you know what local ingredients we use in our gin and why?
We make our three Ginsmiths of Liverpool gins in our own bespoke gin still within Love Lane Brewery.
First up, our Dry Gin (43%). This gin is made using hand foraged Sea Holly which grows along the city’s coastlines and is also known as the ‘flower of Liverpool’. The Sea Holly gives our Dry Gin a unique and recognisable aroma and flavour, using a botanic that ties us to our home city.
Gin, Ginsmiths of Liverpool
Next is our Marshmallow Gin (40%). We use marshmallow root which has an connection to Liverpool through old Chinese medicine. This gives it a sweet(ish) flavour for those who maybe like a slightly sweeter gin. At a taste you get the sweetness of vanilla and marshmallow combined with the savoury juniper which is always highly present in our gins.
Gin, Ginsmiths of Liverpool
Finally we have the Merchant Navy Gin (51%). This gin is a nod to Liverpool as a port with its exotic botanicals from three overseas locations with links to the city. It is intense, powerful and strong, a gin with enough weight to carry the heritage of Liverpool’s mercantile past. Inspired by stories from the sea, we wanted to create a flavour and aroma that takes taste from around the world and seals it into a single sip.
Gin, Ginsmiths of Liverpool
If you want to know more about our gins, we will be relaunching our distillery tours and masterclasses very soon. We are also going to be hosting our own gin school where you can come and learn even more about the gin distilling process, local and exotic botanicals and we will guide you through making your own gin.

If you want to try all of the Ginsmiths of Liverpool gins, we have a special offer running in our shop if you buy all three.

The Ginsmiths of Liverpool – 3 Bottle Offer